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BDS Electronics Inc. was founded in 1985. It specializes in manufacturing and selling various precision resistors and precision resistor networks. The main products of precision metal film resistors include series of EE, RE, UAR,RN (RJK).Precision resistor networks include UPRN(DIL) ,UPRN(SIL). SMD resistors include series of MELF3215, MELF0204, CMP and other kind of chip resistors. Precision wirewound resistors include RX70, RX71,RX710,RX75 and RX10. Our main products also contain series of RJ semi-precision m...


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   BDS electronics will participate in Electronica China(March 20-March 22).  Address: Longyang road 2345,Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai , China our booth number: E5.5766 welcome you to our booths!

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